The Center for Aging In Place, Westchester County, New York

Life+ Business Network – Join Today!

The Center for Aging in Place created the Life+ Business Network to connect area businesses with residents who are choosing to age in place here in Westchester County.  Members of aging in place programs are part of a new generation of highly experienced, educated older adults with the time, wisdom and experience to share.  They want to live life to the fullest and seek products, services and activities that complement this desire.   For area businesses, these residents are a golden opportunity. 

  • 40 million Americans are 65+ and the market will grow to 79 million by 2030
  • Estimated annual spending power of boomers is more than $2 trillion
  • Older residents have key purchasing power – buying goods/services for themselves and children and grandchildren!
  • Vested in their communities – may have lived in Westchester for 20+ years!

A Powerful Marketing Strategy
The Life+ Network offers business the opportunity to reach and capitalize on this growing market segment.  The Center offers prospective companies a website listing, newsletter promotion and annual events that will reach thousands of potential customers, community organizations and the media.  Companies also have the ability to sponsor specific events related to their field of service. Varying levels of participation are available, ranging from $5,000 to be a presenting sponsor at a CAP produced events to $100 to be an associate member. 

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