The Center for Aging In Place, Westchester County, New York


Donate to The Center for Aging in Place . . .
and share your concern for our older Americans who have given
so much to our communities.

Your donation can make an immediate impact to help us help communities launch an Aging in Place program or support an existing program that want to expand. We invite you to help The Center for Aging in Place realize it mission though the following donation options:

Whether you want invest in your future, strengthen your Aging in Place community, or help grow the Aging in Place movement in Westchester County, your donation will help.

Cash and Securities

Your cash donation will be used to help the Center for Aging in Place provide capacity-building resources, technical assistance and valuable information to help establish new Aging in Place communities, implement new programs and services, and support their growth and sustainability.  Gifts of appreciated securities (e.g. stocks, bonds) can benefit both donor and the Center for Aging in Place.

Matching Gift and Volunteer Incentive Programs

Be sure to check with your company’s benefits administrator … many businesses match their employees’ contributions to non-profit organizations such as the Center for Aging in Place. Your generosity – and your company’s – goes even farther! 

Annual Appeal

When you respond to the Center for Aging in Place’s annual appeal with a gift, your donation is put to good use. Annual appeal donations help cover the cost of printing materials for volunteers and members, conduct background checks on potential service providers, and maintain a database of community-based social support organizations, health care providers and home maintenance services, and general operating expenses. 

Special Project or Fund

Special projects often require special funds.  If you are passionate about an issue, an initiative or have a particular area of interest, then you may wish to donate to an appeal for funding as needs arise. 


Gifts and services given in-kind are a practical way to support the Center for Aging in Place. From donations of paper and printing to computers and desk furniture to administrative assistance and pro bono legal assistance, the staff and volunteers at the Center for Aging in Place are grateful for gifts that help make their jobs easier or supplement our operating budget.

Honorarium and Memorial Tributes

A gift in someone’s honor or memory affords you a creative opportunity to pay tribute or give thanks to a special family member or friend.

Planned Gifts

Planned Gifts, including wills, annuities, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance, and IRA’s, among others, are graciously accepted at the Center for Aging in Place.

United Way Designated Giving

Your United Way gift can easily be designated to benefit the Center for Aging in Place.  On your donor form, simply indicate the Center for Aging in Place as your choice.

Please remember that you should always check with your estate planner or tax advisor to find out what type of gift is best for your situation.  Center for Aging in Place is a 501 (C) (3) charitable organization; your donation is fully tax deductible as specified by IRS laws. 

For further details on any type of donor opportunity or more information on how you can donate to the Center for Aging in Place, please contact Betsy Klampert, Executive Director, at 914-725-3312 or