The Center for Aging In Place, Westchester County, New York


The Center for Aging in Place and its member groups welcome volunteers, both young and old. No matter how much time you are willing to donate or your skill level, we are sure to have a job for you. 

Center for Aging in Place

Center for Aging in Place is a small nonprofit organization that operates in part by the generosity of its volunteers. Some ways you can volunteer for CAP include:


Board service – Volunteer to be a member of our board of directors.
Administrative support – We can always use help handling administrative functions like mailings, filing, etc.
Specialized skills - We welcome your talents as a bookkeeper, photographer, web manager, grant writer, event planner, more.


AIP Membership Groups


Volunteers play a vital role in maintaining Aging in Place communities.  As the program becomes established, volunteers are needed to perform many functions including:


Driving members to appointments – AIP member groups need volunteers to drive program members to their medical appointments, take them to do errands or go shopping, to worship services, or even to cultural events.
Visiting people - You can help keep older members connected with the community by stopping in for a visit.  Visiting can foster intergenerational social contact that benefits everyone.
Share a specific skill - While Aging in Place groups refer members to screened services, such a home maintenance and home repair services, if you’re handy with a wrench, a garden trowel, or a computer, you can help with small projects in and around members’ homes.
Plan or organize a special event - From trips to the theater to a walk in the park … from a concert in town to a trip to a new restaurant … there’s no limit to the type of activities that Aging in Place program members will enjoy.


If you are interested in volunteering with us or an Aging in Place program, please contact Laura Traynor, Executive Director at 914-357-8511 or