Mission Statement

The mission of The Center for Aging in Place (CAP), a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Village-to-Village Network, is to develop and support grassroots aging-in-place organizations in Westchester County working to improve the quality of life for older adults who choose to live at home and stay engaged in community life.

CAP provides information and resources to communities, organizations and individuals to support the goals of aging in place and advocate for robust multi-generational neighborhoods.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure existing aging-in-place programs in Westchester County grow strong and to facilitate the development of new aging-in-place programs in county communities where they do not currently exist.

“Being a member of The Center for Aging in Place has been invaluable to me as the coordinator of an AIP Organization. I learn from all the other members who have already tried and tested ideas, programs, methods, and can share their results . . . I not only get great ideas directly, but feel connected to a team of volunteers and professionals who are all working toward similar goals. I feel so lucky that I can call upon other leaders of CAP.“ Program Coordinator

CAP Services


  • "Village Council" meetings that bring together leaders from our local Aging in Place groups to discuss common issues, share solutions, and discuss new ideas to bring back to their communities.

​Administrative Support

  • Access to MyAIP™, a proprietary database that helps groups track members, volunteers and services
  • Liability Insurance Excess Accident Medical Coverage, Volunteer Liability and Automobile Liability Insurance
  • Provide small grants to help launch AIP startup groups

Community Education

  • We provide information, resources, and assistance to the communities, organizations, and people who support the goal of aging in place.