What services do Aging in Place (AIP) Groups provide?

Each Aging in Place group provides a variety of services to meet each community’s specific needs, resources and own unique social landscape these can include:

  • A variety of programs and activities that encourage social interaction
  • Rides to medical appointments, errands and activities
  • In-home odd jobs, such as changing light bulbs, heavy lifting, leaky faucets

Services are provided by volunteers when possible. If professional services are required, many AIP groups will make a referral to vetted and/or recommended businesses. AIP groups also create member networks that offer educational and social activities to keep members connected to each other and to their community.

Who is eligible to become a member of an Aging in Place Group?

Each Aging in Place group sets its own membership requirements and fees. Generally, membership is open to adults 60 years of age and older who live within the boundaries the AIP group establishes.

What does it cost to join an Aging in Place Group?

Membership fees for an Aging in Place group can range from $25-$530 per year or higher, depending on the community and the services it provides. Most groups establish lower membership fees for those who are not financially able to afford the regular membership fee.

What are the costs beyond the membership fee?

At times there are additional fees for activities that are held in restaurants, museums, or theaters. These are usually at a discounted rate arranged by the AIP group, with provisions made for those who are eligible for financial support.

If a member requires a service that a volunteer cannot provide, a referral is made, some of which are available at a discounted price. Members are expected to pay the service provider’s charge. For example, if a member hires an Aging in Place recommended home maintenance contractor, the member would pay for the services provided.

Is an Aging in Place Group like a senior living facility?

An Aging in Place group may provide many of the same services that a senior living facility provides (e.g. transportation, programs, trips) while permitting members to stay in their own homes.

Why should I join now if I currently don’t need help?

Unfortunately, we never know when we might need short or long-term assistance. Aging in Place groups offer help from neighbors, access to needed services, and peace of mind. They also bring together neighbors, young and old, businesses, and the community.

How do I find an Aging in Place Group close to me?

Click the "Find An AIP Group” button below to see the list of Aging in Place Groups currently operating in the area.