Lois Steinberg

The Board of Directors of the Center for Aging in Place, and the leaders of the senior service organizations that it has helped to establish and grow, mourn the passing of its remarkable co-founder, Lois Steinberg, March 1, 2018.

But we honor Lois’ prodigious accomplishments, her vigor and creativity, her inveterate style, and wry sense of humor – and most of all, her unwavering dedication to her fundamental belief that older adults must be innovators in how community services are designed and delivered to their peers.

A curious researcher and a social activist, Lois brought a visible spark of determination that commanded attention in every room she entered. And rightfully so. Her personal mission was to carve out a larger civic space for seniors to envision their own futures.

Societal ageism was Lois’ archenemy. It was one she overcame time and time again, proving that bias against seniors is powerless when older adults of all backgrounds go into action. More than that, she also knew that when seniors act, they lift the quality of life of all generations.

The vitality of the non-profit organizations she helped found, and the inspiration of their volunteers, stand as testimony to these things. Lois’ work remains central to how hundreds of Westchester residents, if not thousands, will live out their later years.

Lois leaves behind a large vacuum in Westchester’s social fabric. At the Center for Aging in Place we are continually inspired by her example. We were so incredibly lucky as to have known Lois…and worked together with her…and had the great good fortune as to have celebrated life with her, on Lois’ joyful terms.